Christel Trutmann, Director

Christel Trutmann

Director and Lead Engineer

Christel's life and values have been shaped by animals. She chose a university based on where her horses would be happy, returned to her hometown when bringing them fell through, and chose the next university because her mom said she could have a dog if she got in. (See said dog, pictured.)

Despite studying international development she stayed local after college in order to care for her animals, who soon included Sparky, the a[href="about.html/#ourstory"] | inspiration for Follow Animals | .

After six years working in emergency services, animals again influenced the course of her life when she quit her job to learn web development and build Follow Animals.

We are currently seeking more two-legged team members, specifically animal lovers with a[href="careers.html"] | nonprofit | and/or a[href="careers.html#developer"] | web development | experience.


Inspiration for Follow Animals

An Arab/Thoroughbred cross born sometime in the mid-Eighties, Sparky was a lesson horse at a hunter/jumper stable in Upstate New York for twenty years.

In his early teens he revealed a hidden turn of speed and competed as a jumper. He enjoyed jumping; in Christel's very first lesson with him he took them over a small fence when her steering was vague.

He's fond of peppermints and backscratches, and currently enjoys the pasture life with a small herd of friends. Sometimes when they get running, he'll still drop into low gear and demonstrate a power and turn of speed as unexpected in a horse in his mid-thirties as it once was in a sedate lesson horse.

White Horse