You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

(The Little Prince, 1943)


Follow Animals

Follow Animals was founded to create a human safety net for animals by keeping them connected to people who love them.

If an animal ever needs assistance the people who follow it will be notified, giving the animal a network to tap for love, resources, and human ingenuity, and lessening its chances of becoming neglected or abandoned.

Whether you run a nonprofit animal shelter or take animals into your private home or farm, Follow Animals provides tools to help you help animals.

Animals Depend on Us

It’s a human world. Domestic animals rely on human caretakers for food and water, shelter, outdoor access, health care, and company. We have the power to make their lives happy and comfortable, and the responsibility to ensure that their future caretakers do the same.

Maybe it's a horse you took riding lessons on. Maybe it's the cats you had to leave behind when you moved. Maybe you run an animal rescue and want to know if one of your adopted animals ever needs a new home. Follow Animals helps you keep track of the animals who come into your life.

Our animals depend on us to advocate for them in a world they can't navigate alone. Give your animals the security of a social network.

Our Story

Black Beauty

The classic 1877 novel by Anna Sewell tells the story of a gentle horse named Black Beauty. He narrates being ridden, driven, and taken care of by people from a horse's perspective. The book follows Black Beauty from one home to another as he's bought and sold, beginning with two very good homes where he's happy and well looked after. What matters in his owners is not wealth but kindness.

But the older Black Beauty gets and the harder he's worked, the more miserable his prospects become. In the end, he finds a good home with a groom who knew and loved him as a young horse. He has light, pleasant work, and the promise that he will never again be sold.


In 2011, thirteen years after he taught her to ride, Follow Animals founder Christel Trutmann saw her favorite gray gelding posted on Craigslist for $150. He was thirty years old and very hungry.

Sparky was adored by hundreds of beginner riders over his long career, but none of them knew he needed help.

Seeing a need for keeping animals connected with the people who love them throughout their lives, Christel founded and built Follow Animals. Today Sparky enjoys a well-deserved retirement on her farm in Upstate New York.

White horse in tall grass